Teachers and Parents

As a parent, you can feel worried if your son or daughter decides not to pursue further or higher education. However completing an apprenticeship is also a valid and recognised way of getting into work and into the right career.

Here are some of the most asked questions by parents on apprenticeships and how it can benefit their child. If you require more information then contact us today

What is an Apprenticeship?

It is the chance to gain extra skills and qualifications, experience a working environment and earn a wage.

Can my child expect a good career at the end of an Apprenticeship?

When the apprenticeship is finished the apprentice comes away with a nationally recognised qualification, and the skills learnt during the programme will mean they are ready to enter a permanent, full time position in a working sector. Also, the company or business where the apprenticeship was undertaken at may offer the apprentice a job there. The key benefit to the apprenticeship is in giving a young person real life work experience alongside a qualification which recognises they are competent in their vocational setting.

Do Apprentices receive a wage?

In their first year, apprentices receive at least national minimum apprenticeship wage which currently stands at £3.50 per hour (raising to £3.70 per hour in April 2018). However after the first year of the apprenticeship is completed, and once they have turned 19, apprentices are entitled to national minimum wage for their age. More information can be found here

How many hours a week can an apprentice work?

Apprentices must work at least 30 hours a week with 20% of this time being spent on achieving their qualification. Additional (non waged) time will also be required for them to complete the apprenticeship qualification in a timely manner. Apprentices are not allowed by law to work more than 40 per week in placement.

Can an Apprenticeship lead to University?

Yes! Some apprenticeships offer UCAS points towards their university entry and there is the chance to complete a Higher Apprenticeship, which can lead onto a Degree.

How long does an Apprenticeship take?

Based on the level of the qualification, an apprenticeship can take anything between 1 and 4 years to complete. 

Do Apprentices have the same benefits as permanent staff members?

Apprentices are still entitled to 20 paid holiday days a year as well as bank holidays

Can Apprentices choose where they want to work?

Yes. There are many vacancies to choose from and apply for, however like any job there is no guarantee you will be successful in securing one. Final choice is always down to the employer and as such it's important to remember that apprenticeship recruitment can be very competitive and young people need to be armed with the skills to impress a prospective employer. You can see the apprenticeship placements Skills Made Easy are currently recruiting to on this website but a wider selection of all apprenticeships available locally will be on the National Apprenticeship Service website.

As parents, do we have to pay anything towards the Apprenticeship?