Workforce mapping

Workforce mapping is used by Skills Made Easy to identify any skills shortages which may be impacting on the performance of your business.

It is a simple and straight forward process: Your account manager will discuss the current position of your business and future aims. The strengths and weaknesses of your workforce will be reviewed, helping to identify any skills shortages that are impacting on the performance of your business.

After the mapping has been completed, your account manager will provide you with recommendations, helping you to clarify your future training opportunities and suggesting how a training programme can be incorporated into your business.

Accessing training

The individual skills and qualifications held by members of your staff will be reviewed, allowing you to identify those gaps in their knowledge and skills which could impact on the business.

Once the needs of your organisation have been identified, Skills Made Easy will identify suitable training opportunities to help members of your workforce gain new skills and qualifications.

Every programme is unique and tailored to the very specific needs of your business and Skills Made Easy will also help you to secure grants or government funding towards the costs of your training.