What is an apprenticeship?

For young people and adult learners alike, an apprenticeship provides an opportunity to build a career in their chosen industry.

In 2015/16 more than 17,000 people in the Sheffield City Region started an apprenticeship, helping more than 1,000 local employers to overcome skills shortages by recruiting new members of staff.

At Skills Made Easy, we ensure the process of hiring and training an apprentice is easy, straightforward and beneficial to all involved. Working with Skills Made Easy, you will receive:

  • A knowledgeable account manager, on hand throughout the process
  • Assistance with recruiting your apprentice
  • Support suitable for all types of businesses
  • Bespoke training to suit the needs of your business
  • The opportunity for your apprentice to achieve a recognised qualification
  • Flexible training, delivered in your workplace or through traditional day release
  • Ongoing support as and when required.

Recruiting an apprentice can have many other benefits for your business. A national study has suggested 96% of employers who have taken on apprentices have said that it has benefited their business and 72% of employers said hiring an apprentice has helped to boost productivity in their business.

There can be financial benefits for your business too. When businesses recruit an apprentice aged between 16-18, in many cases training is provided at no cost to the employer and your business may also benefit from a grant worth £1000 to help cover the costs to your business.