Making the most out of apprenticeships

Many businesses consider apprentices to be an extremely valuable asset to the company.

Here are a few ways in which your business can help your apprentice to succeed in their new role:

Role and duties

It is advisable to give your apprentice clear guidelines and instructions which they can follow during the course of their apprenticeship. Setting these out at the beginning of the apprenticeship will help your apprentice to understand your expectations of them.


Appraisals can be used to formally record the progress your apprentice is making. They can be used to recognise good work, set objectives to assist with their career progression and also highlight future areas for development.


Mentors can help your new apprentice to settle into their role as well as providing someone who they can turn to, ask for advice or questions. They are typically an experienced member of staff. Our free ‘mentorme’ programme is aimed at helping first-time mentors and features lots of useful advice – please contact your account manager for more details.

Career Progression

According to Government statistics, 76% of all apprentices recruited by a business continue working with their employer after completing their training. In the Sheffield City Region, apprentices are outperforming the national average, helping businesses in the region to become more productive and effective.