Social Media guidelines

If your profiles are not secure, then the information you post, share and even comment on can be viewed by anyone. And that includes potential employers.

Social Media channels such as Facebook and Twitter can be a great way of sharing pictures and information with your friends, but the number of employers who screen candidates based upon their social media usage is on the rise and a badly timed post could jeopardise your chances of securing your dream job.

Is it legal for an employer to view my profiles?

Yes. Information that’s available in the public domain may be viewed by anyone, although an employer cannot discriminate based upon personal information such as sexuality, race, gender and political beliefs available on your social media channels.

What sort of information is an employer likely to frown upon?

Badly written comments, abusing others, swearing, inappropriate pictures and videos are all likely to make an employer think twice about offering you an interview. Of course, what you get up to in your own time is your business, but an employer may question your ability to represent their company if the information is widely available in the public domain.

How can I stop employers looking at my social media profiles?

Most social media channels allow you to adjust settings to restrict others from seeing content. To make sure your future employer doesn't see what you got up to on your last wild night out, make sure your profile is secure and only available to close friends.

Can social media help me to secure a job?

Just as some social media use can deter employers, showing a genuine interest in a subject or hobby might help you to secure that dream job – especially if you are regularly sharing, or talking about a subject matter relevant to the role you’re applying for.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Make sure your social media profiles are secure. If there’s content that you don’t want a potential employer to see, don’t give them the opportunity to check up on you! If you decide to keep your profiles available for all to see, be very careful what you post.
  • Use your social media profile to reflect your career aims.
  • Share content that’s relevant to the type of jobs that you’re applying for
  • Consider setting up a LinkedIn account, giving you an opportunity to showcase your skills and expertise to potential employers


  • Share or post any information which may reflect badly upon an employer.
  • Swear, use ‘text speak’ or bad grammar – especially if it’s available in the public domain
  • Post rude or offensive comments