If you have a question regarding apprenticeships then please contact us on 0114 229 6170 or email us at skillsmadeeasy@sheffield.gov.uk

Where can I find apprenticeship vacancies?
Our live vacancies section contains lots of different apprenticeships throughout the Sheffield City Region. You can also find apprenticeships advertised through the national apprenticeships website, and in your local job centre. Some employers also advertise apprenticeships directly.
Can I speak to someone first to get more information on apprenticeships?
Of course! You can call Skills Made Easy on 0114 229 6170 for any enquires you have about apprenticeships or the vacancies we offer.
What is UCAS Progress?
UCAS Progress is a new scheme to help school leavers choose further study or apply for an apprenticeship after you have completed your GCSE's. If your school uses UCAS Progress. If you'd like to become an apprentice, select Skills Made Easy. For more information visit our UCAS Progress page.   
Do apprentices get paid?
If you are an apprentice you will be paid National Minimum Wage, which is currently £3.50 per hour in your first year. Your salary is likely to increase as your skills and experience develop.
Do you have to be a certain age to do an apprenticeship?
You must be at least 16 to start an apprenticeship. Skills Made Easy typically offers support to anyone interested in becoming an apprentice aged between 16-24, although there isn’t a formal age restriction for apprenticeships.
Can I choose my own place of work?
Yes! You apply for the type of apprenticeship you would like, which could be anything from hairdressing to plumbing. It is entirely your decision if you take the offer of employment should you be offered one.
Will I get a job if I have an apprenticeship qualification?
An apprenticeship qualification is valued by employers all over the world. It shows that you are committed to building a career and have also developed skills and experience in a working environment.
How long does an apprenticeship last for?
An apprenticeship typically lasts for one year to eighteen months although some can last for longer, depending on the training needed to fulfil the job you are undertaking.